Christine “Christie” Taylor

Wheaton College graduate Christine Taylor earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. Dealing extensively, both academically and practically, with the reality that our physical experiences reflect and have a powerful impact on our inner lives, Christie has much experience in facilitating healing conversations and using art to “create sacred spaces of beauty…to experience God’s redeeming, healing, and transformative work.” She has served others with Summit Adventure, Zoe’s Feet Dance Ministry, and Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy just to name a few. She currently dances with the traveling professional Christian dance company Ad Deum under the artistic direction of Randall Flinn. Whether ministering comfort through charcoal drawing to the French consulate in Houston after the recent terrorist attacks on Paris or sojourning a 600-mile ancient pilgrimage route through Europe to study, reflect, and write, Christie is a person of great humility, consistently seeking to serve others and advocate for the hurting and rejected. For anyone ready to embark on a deeper personal journey through the arts and explore the reality of God’s redeeming love for you, no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through, Christie has a class for you!

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