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Drill Team Prep is a class designed to prepare junior high students or high school freshmen from any school district for high school dance/drill team tryouts.  Taught by former drill team members, your hopeful student will be provided with the training and guidance they need to have confidence on the day of their tryouts that they will be able to give their personal best!

We recommend the Beginner level for students with 0-2 years of dance studio experience and the Intermediate level for students with 2 or more years of dance studio experience.

Please email Kalette@beautifulfeetstudio.com or call 281-456-3338 to express interest in this class today!

Level 1- Students seeking to join a Level 1 class have 0-2 years of dance experience in his/her selected genre Level 2- Students seeking to join a Level 2 class need to have completed at least 2 years of dance classes within his/her selected genre

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Meet The Teachers

Former Foster Flairs Colonel and Beautiful Feet Studio Owner Kalette Alspaugh is excited to bring you a class unlike any other! Kalette knows what it’s like to eat, sleep, and breathe drill team and is prepared to help you excel in your high school drill team tryouts. While we cannot guarantee acceptance into your team of choice, we can ensure you’ll feel confident and prepared to do your personal best on your big day!


Who is this for?

Drill Team Prep is for junior high students and high school freshmen with at least 2 years of basic dance experience who desire to try out for their respective high school’s dance/drill team.

What will you learn?

Drill Team Prep students will learn the basic dance technique and skills required to complete a successful high school drill/dance team audition.

What do you need?

Drill Team Prep students will need a black leotard, tan tights,  black dance pants, and tan or black jazz shoes.

Is there a trial for the class?

Yes! Any first time Beautiful Feet Studio of Dance & The Arts member is invited to try one class for free as long as there is space available in the class. You must be pre-registered for the class and you may check space availability for a free trial with a friendly member services assistant by calling 281-456-3338 (FEET).

Please note that certain classes will be closed to new enrollment during certain months of the year when partners and members are preparing for performances or during certain fine arts projects. Please express your interest to the owner by emailing Kalette@beautifulfeetstudio.com and we will make you aware of the next available enrollment time.

I still have questions, how can I get them answered?

Please feel free to call and speak to a helpful member services assistant at 281-456-3338 (FEET). Or fill out our Contact Us form and one of our partners will contact you within 24 hours.

Class Schedule

In order to accommodate families with all types of work and activity schedules, we strive to provide multiple class time options for every class we offer. Please select the time that suits your schedule below!








Drill Team Prep

Level 2 (Ages 12-16)

Instructor Diane Kocich

7:00 pm - 8:15 pm






Drill Team Prep

Level 2 (Ages 12-16)

Instructor Diane Kocich

7:00 pm - 8:15 pm



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