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Adult Prophetic Dance is a highly sought after course for students ages 18 and up who desire to strengthen, encourage, and comfort other believers with the Word of God through interpretive movement. This class is an extension of Choreography Creation for adults to equip adult artists and those believers who desire to use dance to minister the Word of God to others with practical tools and actual experience to express God’s word through dance.

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Meet The Teachers

With more than a decade of prophetic movement experience and two decades of formal dance training and teaching experience, artistic instructor and Beautiful Feet Studio owner Kalette is overwhelmed with joy to meet you and work with you to move confidently into expressing the Word of God uniquely through your own movement! Click below for full bio!


Who is this for?

Adult Prophetic Dance is for students ages 18+ who desire to express God’s word through dance and interpretive movement to strengthen, encourage, and/or comfort others.

What will you learn?

Students enrolled in Adult Prophetic Dance will receive practical tools and actual experience to express God’s word through dance.

What do you need?

Students enrolled in Adult Prophetic Dance may wear any comfortable exercise pants that do not restrict movement and a fitted shirt (so that we can see your lines and improve your technique) in class. Ballet, Jazz, or half or whole sole contemporary dance shoes are required. An additional cover up is recommended for travel to and from class.

Is there a trial for the class?

Yes! Any first time Beautiful Feet Studio of Dance & The Arts member is invited to try one class for free as long as there is space available in the class. You must be pre-registered for the class and you may check space availability for a free trial with a friendly member services assistant by calling 281-456-3338 (FEET). Depending upon the progress of the class, a new student with no present knowledge of ballet terminology or movement may be enrolled for the following semester. Please enroll before January and/or July to avoid this potential delay and to enjoy the full Beautiful Feet Ballet experience!

Please note that certain classes will be closed to new enrollment during certain months of the year when partners and members are preparing for performances or during certain fine arts projects. Please express your interest to the owner by emailing and we will make you aware of the next available enrollment time.

I still have questions, how can I get them answered?

Please feel free to call and speak to a helpful member services assistant at 281-456-3338 (FEET). Or fill out our Contact Us form and one of our partners will contact you within 24 hours.

Class Schedule

In order to accommodate families with all types of work and activity schedules, we strive to provide multiple class time options for every class we offer. Please select the time that suits your schedule below!

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