Being Salt – Movement Embodiment Workshop

Hi there Ladies 18+!

Whether you’re here because you have a child who dances, paints, or plays an instrument with us OR you’re a student with us yourself, if YOU are currently a dancer (studio trained or non-studio trained) or you “used to be,”  and have a passion for knowing and trusting God more intimately, this one-day Movement Workshop is for you! Let’s engage with God with our Whole Self!

Please meet our Guest Artist Instructor, Tehillah Hartmann! She is the founder of the Being Salt Dance Community and is highly regarded as a speaker, author, and spiritual mentor to dancers seeking integration in their dance and faith.  With a BFA in Dance from the University of Michigan, 1st year graduate of Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, and six years spent professionally dancing with Open Dance Project and Ad Deum Dance Company, Tehillah has over a decade of experience ministering with dance in Christian and non-Christian environments. She was a keynote speaker for Ballet 5:8’s Revive Retreat in 2021, and has written over one hundred unique dance devotionals and six eBooks for the Being Salt Dance Community.

As a coach and teacher, Tehillah helps dancers who feel spiritually divorced in their bodies experience deep connection to God through guided movement meditations, coaching, and workshops. Find out more about Tehillah at or follow on Instagram @being_salt.

I’m so thankful that I was recently connected with Tehillah, whose name, by the way, actually means to SHINE FORTH PRAISE WITH THE WHOLE SELF in Hebrew… she is a very special new sister of mine, and I absolutely cannot wait to attend and participate in this workshop myself!  Please, don’t let fear hold you back! Don’t hesitate to JUMP IN and let’s all experience MORE of God’s Presence together and SHINE FORTH our PRAISES to Him together with our WHOLE SELVES!  …It’s gonna be good!

Please see the flyer below for more details and CLICK HERE to Enroll Yourself!  Remember, if you’re the account holder but you have not already added yourself as a “student” in our system, simply log in, click “add a student” to add your own name and birthdate to accept the waiver (four check marks) for yourself, and then you’re set! If you have any issues registering, just call us at 281-456-3338!  We can’t wait to see you there!

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