Songwriting Workshop: Beginners (Ages 12- Adult)

For those who want to learn more about songwriting and gain confidence in their ability to write, this workshop will provide a road map of basic song structure, valuable practices that will unlock jammed creative gears, individual support and feedback, as well as group writing activities. Participants will come away from this experience with skills to continue developing their songwriting ability!

Master Artist Bio

Casey Dubie is a singer-songwriter from Vermont. She has released 3 EPs and will be recording her debut full-length album this coming spring. Casey is passionate about the craft of songwriting and believes it is a tool we have to help us sort through our internal world. She graduated Wheaton College in 2015 with a minor in music and also spent some time in Nashville doing an independent songwriting program. She is excited to partner with Beautiful Feet Studio of Dance & The Arts to offer Songwriting Workshops to teens and adults alike!

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