Founder’s Story & the Company Name


The smell of sweat and chlorine filled the air… I was there in the local YMCA racket-ball room, present only by guest pass that one ordinary afternoon as a Foster High School student here in my hometown of Richmond, TX. I was visiting with a friend and her mother and brought a little portable speaker along with me. At some point during our time together, I turned on a worship song and simply began to dance. Music has always moved me, both body and soul, and that day was just like any other, until it wasn’t. As the song came to an end, I looked over and saw the mother of my friend with tears rolling down her face. She began to speak over my life with kindness, confidence, and authority. She said to me, “Wow! You are anointed to dance! I can feel His Presence when you move! You will be one of the dancers in His throne room in heaven!”

At the time, as a young teen Christ-follower who had, up to that point in life, been raised in a “not-very-charismatic” denomination, these words were a little surprising and odd to me. I didn’t really know what it meant to be “anointed” for anything, but it sure did sound like an exciting idea to dance before God in His throne room in heaven one day… “Sign me up!” I thought to myself… Though I didn’t understand the gravity of her statement at the time or by what true authority she spoke, her words stuck with me for these two decades because something in me knew that they were important.

It was a little before this same time, at the age of 15, that God planted a seed in my heart, a dream to one day create a studio for His glory: A place where the people inside and the music they danced to and the costumes they wore and how they treated each other would reflect Christ’s love to the world around them. I began praying and thinking, journaling and planning, and I did this for 15 years until God opened a door for the vision to become a reality. This studio called Beautiful Feet Studio of Dance & The Arts celebrated its 7-year anniversary in August of this year, 2023.

A few years ago, I was sitting next to the fireplace in my home one cold winter evening. A worship song caught my ear, so I did what I do; I danced with my heart turned to the Lord. There in that little 4’ by 4’ space in a corner of my living room, I was quietly yet firmly reminded by that still small voice of that day in the racket-ball room with my little portable speaker. Her words resounded in my mind, and heard Him say, “That’s the name.” I had felt God impressing upon my heart for some years that our studio community would take what we already do to the world, simply at a professional level of practice, but I didn’t know what it would be called or when to begin. I waited; we waited. I was delighted when the beautiful dance company name and the beautiful dance company leader seemed to emerge at about the same time. Throne Room Collective will be not only a collective of professional artists, but also a collective of professional companies. A collective of dance companies, visual arts companies, and music companies (by God’s grace as He raises up leaders and members) will work together to bring the Gospel, Presence, & tangible Love of Christ to the world.

Our studio’s mission from the start, “bringing good’ through the arts…” has been faithfully and diligently carried out not only in-house through the services and experiences we provide but also through outreach as the staff and members of Beautiful Feet Studio serve the financially disadvantaged, orphaned, hospitalized, and hurting in our community both locally and around the world. We have done this, by the grace of God, in beauty and excellence over the last seven years, and we simply see Throne Room Collective as a longer and stronger arm of the same Body to reach out and carry His tangible goodness to the world.

Vision Statement:

“Throwing our crowns and our lives at His feet…”

Mission Statement:

Throne Room Collective Dance Company will reach out to the world with the Gospel, Presence, & tangible Love of Christ through excellence in dance and life by providing professional presentations and participation-based experiences for every person the Lord leads us to as we abide in Him.

A 3-Fold Focus: An Artistic Focus, A Spiritual Equipping Focus, An Outreach


Throne Room Collective dance company members will seek to grow in excellence in the art form of dance. This will include diligently pursing growth in both the technical and creative aspects of dance. This will involve on-going physical, technical, and creative dance training for the company members.

Throne Room Collective dance company members will seek to grow as Disciples of Christ. Persistence and growth in a Christian faith-walk will involve on-going prayer, reading of and submission to The Holy Bible as authority regarding all areas of life, and operating within Christian community with accountability. This will include seeking personal excellence in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health by pursuing ongoing growth in the context of genuine community within both the TRC circle and their own local church.

Throne Room Collective dance company members will seek to serve and bring offerings of His Gospel, Presence, & tangible Love through excellent, life-giving, true, and pure dance and arts presentations and participation-based experiences to every demographic. Events offered to the community both locally and around the world will be accessible to organizations of many kinds by donation and to those who are living in poverty, sickness, brokenness, physical or spiritual captivity, mourning, or vulnerability free of charge.

Foundational Scripture:

What He came to do. What we want to do with Him.

Read Isaiah 61

Read Matthew 25

Men have been throwing themselves at His feet in worship since He was a young child.

Read Matthew 2:1-12

Men will continue to throw themselves at His feet in worship for all eternity.

Read Revelation 4

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